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- HIV-Infected T Cells Help Transport the Virus Throughout the Body
- Scientist Discovers Plate Tectonics On Mars
- Evidence Further Suggests Extra-Terrestrial Origin of Quasicrystals
- Amazing Deep Diving by Imperial Cormorant Bird
- You Snooze, You Lose: Less Sleep Leads to More Offspring in Male Pectoral Sandpipers
- The Power to Heal at the Tips of Your Fingers
- Engineers Are Designing, Building Mechanical Ray
- 'Selfish' DNA in Animal Mitochondria Offers Possible Tool to Study Aging
- Later Stone Age Got Earlier Start in South Africa Than Thought
- Mountains, Seaway Triggered North American Dinosaur Surge
- Astronomers Crack Mystery of the 'Monster' Stars
- New Kenyan Fossils Shed Light On Early Human Evolution
- Genetic Cause of Most Lethal Brain Tumor Pinpointed: May Lead to New Treatment
- Infants Exposed to Specific Molds Have Higher Asthma Risk
- Chronic 2000-04 Drought, Worst in 800 Years, May Be the 'New Normal'
- Heart Muscle Cell Grafts Suppress Arrhythmias After Heart Attacks in Animal Study
- It's in Our Genes: Why Women Outlive Men
- A New Energy Source: Major Advance Made in Generating Electricity from Wastewater
- Protective Role of Skin Microbiota Described
- Can Nature Parks Save Biodiversity?
- Roots and Microbes: Bringing a Complex Underground Ecology Into the Lab
- Critically Endangered Whales Sing Like Birds; New Recordings Hint at Rebound
- Promising Step Forward Toward Muscular Dystrophy Treatment: Symptoms Reversed in Mice
- Rat and Ant Rescues 'Don't Show Empathy'
- Oh, My Stars and Hexagons! DNA Code Shapes Gold Nanoparticles
- Adding a '3D Print' Button to Animation Software
- New Bacteria-Resistant Materials Discovered
- World's Smallest Semiconductor Laser Created
- Tropical Biodiversity Arks Reach Tipping Point: Threats in Sustaining Biodiversity
- New Dimension of Physics Research: Cutting the Graphene Cake
- Lucid Dreamers Help Scientists Locate the Seat of Meta-Consciousness in the Brain
- Hyenas That Think Outside the Box Solve Problems Faster
- Paddlefish's Doubled Genome May Question Theories On Limb Evolution
- Wireless Power for the Price of a Penny?
- Scientists Use Microbes to Make 'Clean' Methane
- Entropy Can Lead to Order, Paving the Route to Nanostructures
- Giant Moa Had Climate Change Figured out
- Diseased Trees New Source of Climate Gas
- Florida State Record 87 Eggs in Largest Python from Everglades
- People With Allergies May Have Lower Risk of Brain Tumors
- Scientists 'Waltz' Closer to Using Spintronics in Computing
- Sequencing of Malaria Genomes Reveals Challenges, Opportunities in Battle Against Parasite
- Fresh Water Breathes Fresh Life Into Hurricanes
- Cuckoo Tricks to Beat the Neighborhood Watch
- Drivers of Marine Biodiversity: Tiny, Freeloading Clams Find the Key to Evolutionary Success
- Lower Hybrid Drift Waves in Earth's Magnetosphere Investigated
- An Avian Flu That Jumps from Birds to Mammals Is Killing New England's Baby Seals
- Switching the State of Matter May Provide a Novel Building Block for Ultra Low Power Devices
- Earliest Use of Mexican Turkeys by Ancient Maya
- Vaporizing Earth in Computer Simulations to Aid Search for Super-Earths
- New Atmospheric Compound Tied to Climate Change, Human Health
- Aesop's Fable Unlocks How Crows and Kids Think
- Actinobacteria as the Base of the Evolutionary Tree
- 1.5 Million Years of Climate History Revealed After Scientists Solve Mystery of the Deep
- New Metamaterials Device Focuses Sound Waves Like a Camera Lens
- Allergies? Your Sneeze Is a Biological Response to the Nose's 'Blue Screen of Death'
- Autonomous Robotic Plane Dodges Obstacles When Flying Indoors
- Research Raises Doubts About Whether Modern Humans and Neanderthals Interbred
- New Bird Species Discovered in 'Cloud Forest' of Peru
- Archeologists Unearth Extraordinary Human Sculpture in Turkey
- Searching Salt for Answers About Life On Earth, Mars
- Brains Are Different in People With Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory
- Nanoparticle Discovery Opens Door for Pharmaceuticals
- Extreme Plasma Theories Put to the Test
- Birds That Live With Varying Weather Sing More Versatile Songs
- Neuroscientists Find Brain Stem Cells That May Be Responsible for Higher Functions, Bigger Brains
- Strangers On a Bus: Study Reveals Lengths Commuters Go to Avoid Each Other
- First BOSS Data: 3-D Map of 500,000 Galaxies, 100,000 Quasars
- Supernova Progenitor Found? New Research Identifies Star System That May Explode
- Early Human Ancestors Had More Variable Diet
- Fingering the Culprit That Polluted the Solar System
- Pioneering Study Shows Drug Can Purge Dormant HIV
- One Act of Remembering Can Influence Future Acts
- How a Leaf Beetle Walks Underwater
- New System Could Predict Solar Flares, Give Advance Warning
- Extinction Risk Factors for New Zealand Birds Today Differ from Those of the Past
- Reviled Substance Involved in Alzheimer's Can Reverse Paralysis in Mice With Multiple Sclerosis
- Magnetic Field, Mantle Convection and Tectonics
- Gamma Rays from Galactic Center Could Be Evidence of Dark Matter
- Research Links Extreme Summer Heat Events to Global Warming
- Slower, Longer Sperm Outcompete Faster Rivals, Surprising Finding Shows
- Concussions and Head Impacts May Accelerate Brain Aging
- Car-Size Rover Curiosity Lands On Mars: Two-Year Mission to Investigate Red Planet Begins
- Biological Mechanism for Growing Massive Animal Weapons, Ornaments Discovered
- Gecko Feet Hold Clues to Creating Bandages That Stick When Wet
- 'Cry' of a Shredded Star Heralds a New Era for Testing Relativity
- Embryonic Blood Vessels That Make Blood Stem Cells Can Also Make Beating Heart Muscles
- Crayfish Species Proves to Be the Ultimate Survivor
- Do Ovaries Continue to Produce Eggs During Adulthood?
- Cheaper and Cleaner Catalyst for Burning Methane
- Skin Cancer Identified for the First Time in Wild Fish Populations, Beneath Ozone Layer Hole
- First Robot That Mimics the Water Striders' Jumping Abilities
- Signs Changing Fast for Voyager at Solar System Edge
- Grin and Bear It: Smiling Facilitates Stress Recovery
- Possible Muscle Disease Therapeutic Target Found
- Cooling, Not Population Loss, Led to Fewer Fires After 1500 in New World
- Researchers Invent New Tool to Study Single Biological Molecules
- Deep-Sea Squid Can 'Jettison Arms' as Defensive Tactic
- Egg Yolk Consumption Almost as Bad as Smoking When It Comes to Atherosclerosis, Study Suggests

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